On Transmission Meditation:

"It is a service in which we can be involved for the rest of our lives knowing that we are helping the evolution of humanity into, and beyond, the new age."

"It is the creation, in co-operation with the Hierarchy of Masters, of a vortex or pool of higher energy for the benefit of humanity."

From Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age
by Benjamin Creme

How to Start a Transmission Meditation Group

Forming a Group

To form a Transmission Meditation group, all you need is the intention and the desire to serve. A group may begin with any number of people. As few as three people, working in triangular formation, can transmit energy very effectively. You can start simply by inviting a few friends of like interest to meet with you regularly. These can then be encouraged to invite others.

Regularity is important. The group should choose a day(s) and a time and stick to it. This enables Hierarchy to know that a group can be depended upon to be available at a set time, and the group energy can be integrated into the overall work. Once a routine is established, it becomes a special and important point of focus in each member's life.

How to Conduct the Transmission

To facilitate the manipulation of energy by the Masters, you may wish to sit in circular fashion. To begin, simply sound aloud in unison The Great Invocation. This immediately raises the consciousness of the group. The Invocation should be said before the transmission to help align the group with Hierarchy and call forth the energy from the Masters.

No special expertise in meditation is required in order to transmit energy. All that is needed is alignment between the physical brain and the Soul, or Higher Self. This is achieved by focusing the attention on the ajna center, the point between the eyebrows, and simultaneously sounding the mantram OM silently, inwardly. During the transmission, endeavor to hold the focus there.

If the attention wanders, gently sound the OM inwardly, or mentally, and re-focus on that center. Do not meditate on the OM -- just use it to bring your attention back. It is not the purpose of Transmission Meditation groups to 'ground' energy; therefore, the OM is sounded silently to send the energies out on the mental plane. All that we are required to do is maintain this alignment; Hierarchy does the work. Simplicity is the keynote.

In the beginning you may wish to establish a specific length of time for the Transmission Meditation, e.g. one hour. But once the group is established, it is recommended that the meditation continue until the energy flow ceases. In this latter case, members should feel free to leave whenever they wish, trying not to disturb those who are staying on. Meeting on the physical plane adds an 'X' factor of potentization to the work which is greater than can be achieved by individuals linking up mentally. So, physical attendance is important. Nevertheless, no one should be compelled to attend regularly or stay for a certain length of time. Each person must be left free to make his/her own commitment.

What Happens During Transmission

Hierarchy directs the energies from the spiritual planes through the chakras (energy centers) of the group members -- down to the mental levels where they become more accessible to humanity. The group literally serves as a point of entry for the energies to reach humanity and stimulate human progress. These energies are conditioned by the focused minds of the Masters who are sending them, and who know where they are most needed, and in what precise balance and potency to bring about the desired effects. The group should not send them to any person, group or country who they think could benefit. It is enough that we act as positive, poised mental channels, through which the energies can be sent in a highly scientific manner.

Unlike other forms of meditation, Transmission Meditation is totally under the control of the Masters. They are experts and will not send through your centers more energy than you can safely take. The only provision is that children under the age of 12 should not take part in a transmission group, as their energy centers are not yet sufficiently developed and could be harmed.

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