On Transmission Meditation:

"It is a service in which we can be involved for the rest of our lives knowing that we are helping the evolution of humanity into, and beyond, the new age."

"It is the creation, in co-operation with the Hierarchy of Masters, of a vortex or pool of higher energy for the benefit of humanity."

From Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age
by Benjamin Creme

Frequently Asked Questions
about Transmission Meditation

The following questions are answered by author Benjamin Creme in the book Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age.

What is the real purpose of meditation?

"Meditation is a method, more or less scientific (depending on the meditation), for bringing the man or woman in incarnation into contact and eventual at-one-ment with the Higher Self or soul.
The time has passed for meditating alone, getting on with one's own personal spiritual salvation, without at the same time accepting the need, the duty, of service. The nature of the soul is to serve. The soul knows only altruistic service and comes into incarnation to serve. So what is the point, as a meditator, of spending all that time and effort getting in touch with the soul and not carrying out its purpose? The soul is carrying out the Plan of the Logos. It is a great sacrifice for the soul to do so, because it is so limited at this physical level. It gains experience at this level, but the true reason behind the incarnating process is the carrying out of the Will of the Logos through the sacrificial decision of the soul itself. . . ."
"All those who have engaged in meditation will have been engaged, whether they know it or not, in aligning the physical brain with the soul, the personality vehicle with the Higher Self. That is what meditation is for." back to top

Will Transmission Meditation affect the process of our growth or evolution?

"Transmission work is a door which leads to a path that takes you directly to Hierarchy. It is part of a process planned by Hierarchy whereby the aspirants and the disciples of the world will work in a co-operative fashion with each other.
Most people want to approach Hierarchy whether they are ready for it or not - they would like to meet and work with a Master. Transmission is not a way to meet Masters, but it is certainly the simplest way to work with the Masters.
What we are really doing in Transmission Meditation (besides helping the world) is doing Kriya Yoga, which is actually being done for you by the Masters. Gradually, the shifting of polarization from astral to mental is taking place, without your being aware of it. What you do become aware of is the change in yourself, in your outlook on the world. Many people have said to me: 'I feel a better person; I can do my work better; I am more mentally focused, more articulate; I can bring many ideas together, . . .', and so on. This is all the result of steady Transmission work. It happens just by doing Transmission, because it is being done for you by the Masters. It is a deeply occult meditation, and the Masters manipulate the energy for you. What you might achieve in 20 years of Kriya Yoga practice, you will probably achieve in one year of steady Transmission work." back to top

What are the prerequisites for forming a Transmission Meditation group?

"One is a desire to serve the world -- a simple, altruistic motive of serving. It is not the place to seek individual guidance, contact with the astral planes or messages of any kind. It is simply a giving of oneself in service, acting as a positive mental channel through which the energies sent by the Masters can be stepped down.
Another requirement is regularity and continuity. The group should always meet at the same place and time every week. The Masters need to know that every Monday, for instance, at a certain location, at eight o'clock in the evening, or whenever, they will find a group of individuals ready and willing to transmit the energies. . . . the prerequisites are service, regularity, continuity, and commitment." back to top

What exactly do you mean by "aligning the physical brain with the soul"?

"Sooner or later we have to come into a state of alignment between the physical brain and the soul. That is what meditation does. By meditation you gradually build a channel called the 'antahkarana', which is a channel of light from the physical plane up to the soul. Simultaneously, the soul is building the same bridge down toward the physical. This channel, when formed, provides a link between the soul and its vehicle, and vice versa. This is the process whereby the man or woman gradually becomes at-one with the soul. The soul 'grips' the vehicle and reflects itself through it. By the use of the mantram OM and the holding of the attention at the ajna center between the eyebrows, an alignment is created between the brain and the soul." back to top

How important is alignment to Transmission Meditation?

"Very important. It is the alignment between the brain and the soul which allows the Masters, working from the soul level, to channel the energies through the groups." back to top

Are there any special breathing techniques we should use during Transmission Meditation?

"No. The breathing should be natural, light, high in the chest and silent. With experience you will find that the breathing becomes so light it practically stops for quite long periods. These are often ended with a sudden, strong, 'gasp' of air intake." back to top

Is transmission working whether we feel it or not?

"If you are aligned, yes. The Transmission is coming mainly from the Buddhic level. It is stepped down for us by the Masters and we step it down further. Alignment is necessary to transmit it." back to top

Is there danger in transmitting these energies?

"There is a danger inherent in all meditation, of course. These are very powerful forces. The forces which you receive from your soul during meditation are very powerful, especially if you meditate in a dynamic fashion. Transmission Meditation is a very dynamic meditation, although it is also the simplest one I know. But it is totally under the control of the Masters. They are experts and will not send through your centers more energy than you can safely take.
The only provision is that no children under the age of 12 should take part in a Transmission Meditation for the simple reason that the force centers, the chakras, of a child under the age of 12 are still relatively unformed and unstable, so the energy could do them harm. It is also not advised to keep infants or babies in the same room where Transmission Meditation is taking place. The Masters have to shield them from the energies and it is a waste of Their valuable energies to do so.
It is safe for pregnant women, if they are healthy and the pregnancy is normal. In fact, babies in the womb seem to like Transmission energies. They often start kicking during Transmission." back to top

Is Transmission Meditation to be done only by mentally stable and well-anchored people?

"Transmission Meditation should be done, in principle, only by mentally stable and well-anchored people. In specific cases it can benefit somebody who does not necessarily fit into these categories, but in general when people are in a highly unbalanced emotional state or in a psychotic condition, they should not take part in Transmission work. The energies are too high and there is a danger of over-stimulation." back to top

Is it necessary to have reached a certain level to profit by and serve through Transmission Meditation?

"There is a self-selecting process at work in that only those sufficiently evolved to want to serve will be attracted to Transmission Meditation. But that provision aside, no special expertise or experience is required to transmit the Hierarchical energies in this way." back to top

How can we become better transmitters of energy?

"The best way to become a better transmitter is to do more Transmission work. It is a self-grooming process. The more you do, the better you become. It is not possible to do it without being transformed by the energies. What is tremendously potent at one time you will not even notice six months later. Your centers are absorbing it and getting used to it. What you notice is the next higher potency. Only by doing Transmission Meditation do you make progress in it." back to top

If one is in a Transmission Meditation group, is it all right to take part in other types of meditation?

"Yes. Transmission Meditation does not work against any other form of meditation. Indeed, it will enhance the quality and effectiveness of any other meditation you may do. Every individual today, whatever his level, his background, his type of mind, and tradition has a teaching, a path, a meditation, or a guru available to him. All true gurus are members of the Hierarchy at some level, initiates of some degree. The more developed the individual, the higher the guru he will be attracted to." back to top

The above information is taken from Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age by Benjamin Creme. (Published by Share International Foundation; 5th Edition; ISBN:978-90-71484-35-3; 2006).

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